Statement of Intent

It is the intent of Boise Valley Riders (BVR) that;

  • Our trust in each other is fueled by Brotherhood and dedication to the vision of BVR.
  • BVR is everywhere, present at every level in our community.
  • BVR Core Members are leaders in our club.
  • BVR will use fully integrated technology and information systems to maintain communication and facilitate planning within our club.
  • BVR will attract and retain the best individuals to ensure continuation of our proud heritage.
  • Each member participating in BVRsponsored events or while wearing BVR apparel will maintain a conduct of courtesy and respect towards fellow members and others outside of BVR.
  • BVR has one-helluva good time and establishes longlasting relationships.

General rules 

  1. Any activities performed or sponsored by BVR will be lawful.
  2. All members will make a conscious effort to further the interest of safety and the integrity of the club.
  3. Membership conduct will be defined in the Bylaws.
  4. The Bylaws will be made available to each member.
  5. Each member will be required to affirm compliance by signature. Registration via the web acts as an electronic signature.
  6. Failure to comply with the Bylaws may result in penalties and/or in termination of membership.
  7. BVR members that provide services to the club do so on a volunteer basis and will not expect reimbursement. These services are for the good of the club and members have a vested interest in the success of BVR.
  8. Some services may require a monetary assessment from membership (clothing, events, food, reservations, etc.) or individual donation.


 I-I. - General Liability Disclaimer

Boise Valley Riders Inc. (hereinafter "BVR"), is an organization made up of volunteers operating with the sole purpose of promoting riding activities. Each member and guest participates in activities solely by choice and participation itself relinquishes any responsibility of BVR as an organization for any and all liabilities resulting in participation in any BVR Activity. All activities must comply with all state or local laws and ordinances. Any personal injury or property damage resulting during a BVR activity or at any time becomes the responsibility of the individual parties involved, and at no time shall the Boise Valley Riders, its owners, founder, directors, officers, members, employees, agents, assigns, volunteers, legal representatives and successors be held liable. BVR encourages you to exercise discretion while using information contained in the BVR website. BVR makes no representations concerning any endeavor to review the content of sites listed here, or any of the materials, and so BVR isn't responsible for the accuracy, copyright compliance or legality of material contained in sites listed or linked from our website.

I-II. - Riding Release

I am voluntarily participating in a motorcycle riding club called the "Boise Valley Riders / BVR". I acknowledge that participating in BVR is inherently dangerous and may result in my illness, death, damage, loss or injury to person and property and I understand and accept these dangers and risks.

In consideration for being allowed to participate in BVR Activities, I agree to WAIVE and RELEASE, Boise Valley Riders Inc. and their sponsored events (collectively referred to as "BVR Activities"), and the BVR Activities' owners, founder, directors, officers, members, employees, agents, assigns, volunteers, legal representatives and successors from all liability, manner of actions, causes of action, debts, contracts, claims and demands for or by reason of any illness, death, damage, loss or injury to person and property, which has been or may be sustained as a direct or indirect consequence of participating in BVR.

I agree to INDEMNIFY and HOLD HARMLESS BVR and all BVR Activities for all costs or liabilities which may be incurred as a direct or indirect result of my negligent or intentional act or omission while participating in BVR Activities and/or BVR.

I acknowledge and agree that I have carefully read this Release of Liability, that I fully understand the same, and that I freely and voluntarily execute the same. I understand that registering online is an electronic signature of this acceptance of terms. I understand that I may seek independent advice prior to signing this Release of Liability. I understand that this Release of Liability is binding on me, my spouse, my executors, administrators, personal representatives and assigns and that this Release of Liability has important legal consequences. The terms of this Release of Liability are contractual and not mere recitals. This Release of Liability will be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of Idaho.


II-I. - Crew Membership

  1. Anyone who registers through the BVR website, signs the release of liability and has ridden with the club and had a Primary or Discretionary Officer sign-off on their initial riding ability will be considered a Crew member and be permitted to ride with other Crew members during sanctioned rides.
  2. All Crew members must have a Motorcycle Endorsement (A permit is not considered an Endorsement) and be 21 years of age or older. The individual must own a motorcycle. The motorcycle must have a 650cc size motor or greater and be in good operating condition and properly registered and insured according to the Idaho State Motor Vehicle Department.
  3. All Crew members must pledge to uphold the Bylaws.
  4. A Crew member assumes full liability of their sponsored associate members and/or guests. A Crew member also acknowledges their responsibility to educate their associate members and/or guests in the rules herein, specifically the General Liability Disclaimer (Article I-I).
  5. Crew members will not have direct access to the grievance process (Article X). Any Crew member wishing to instigate the grievance process must do so through a Core member.
  6. Crew members will not have a vote on club business matters.
  7. Crew membership dues will be set at $0 per year.
  8. BVR Top Rocker and We Will Remember patches may be purchased by Crew members.  They are optional but strongly suggested.
  9. BVR apparel, except those with the Core emblem may be purchased separately.

II-II. Core Membership

  1. Core membership is available to individuals who have been a Crew member for at least one year and have made the decision to commit to the standards of the BVR brotherhood which are:

    1. BVR is their only riding club. They will not ride with other clubs as a member of that club.
    2. They will abide by the Rules For Group Riding.
    3. They will attend a majority of the club rides and events throughout the year.
    4. They will uphold and help accomplish the BVR Mission Statement.
    5. They understand and are able to convey the meaning of the Core Patch and why it deserves respect.

  1. A Crew member wishing to be a Core member will make request to a Primary Officer or a Primary Officer may invite a Crew member to become a Core member.  In either case, if the Crew member wishes to be a Core member, a Primary Officer will bring the request before the Discretionary Officers in attendance at the next scheduled Road Captain meeting for discussion.  This discussion will be limited to the Crew member’s ability to follow the BVR Rules for Group Riding and if they believe the Crew member is sincere in their commitment to the BVR brotherhood.  If the Primary and Discretionary Officers agree in the riding ability and sincerity of the Crew member then the President will call for a vote from all current Core members.  A simple majority vote in favor of the request is required to be accepted as a member of Core. If the Primary and Discretionary Officers do not agree in the riding ability and/or sincerity of the Crew member then the President and Vice-President will meet with the Crew member to discuss what actions the Crew member can take to help the Primary and Discretionary Officers reach an agreement.
  2. Core members are required to display all BVR patches, according to Article XI 5 through 8 and the BVR patchifesto, during club sponsored rides. Core members will be responsible for purchasing the Top Rocker and the We Will Remember and Name patches.  BVR will provide the Skull Core Patch. If the Core member loses or forfeits their Core membership status, they agree to return the Skull Core Patch to a Primary Officer.
  3. Core members are required to vote or to provide their proxy to another Core member on all issues pertaining to BVR as presented to Core members by BVR Primary Officers. If a Core member continually does not vote or provide their proxy, they may be subject to Membership Violations, Sanctions and Terminations (Article IV).
  4. Core members have direct access to the grievance process (Article X).
  5. If a Core member is asked by a Crew member or an Associate member to initiate the grievance process on their behalf it is the duty of the Core member to reasonably assure that the grievance may have merit and is within the guidelines set forth in Article X before initiating the grievance process.
  6. A Core member may ask a Primary Officer for a leave of absence from the club ride and event attendance standard of the BVR brotherhood.  In all cases a leave of absence will be given.
  7. Any Core Member can request a non-sanctioned ride event. That member requesting a ride event is the Ride Coordinator. As the Ride Coordinator it is their responsibility to organize staging times, locations, and route details. Ride Coordinator is not an office within BVR and is intended to simply denote a Core member who purposes a ride.
  8. Core membership dues will be set at $25.00 per year and are non-refundable.
  9. Core memberships are valid for the season of purchase and must be renewed annually. The renewal must take place prior to December 31st.
  10. Core membership dues will only be available from January 1st until the day of the last scheduled club ride of the same year. All Core membership dues received after the last scheduled ride will be for the following ride year.

II-III. Honorary Core Membership

  1. Honorary Core membership is available to Core members at the discretion of the President.
  2. Honorary Core members are Core members that for whatever reason have decided not to ride motorcycles any longer.
  3. Honorary Core members will not have a vote on club business matters.
  4. Honorary Core member dues will be set at $0 per year.
  5. Honorary Core members may still display the Core patch and are requested to display all BVR patches during all club sponsored events they attend.  Patches will be consistent with Article XI 5 through 8 and the BVR patchifesto which was in effect the last time they were a Core member.

II-IV. Associate Membership

  1. Any spouse or significant other of a Crew or Core member who does not ride their own motorcycle but who rides as a passenger on their spouse’s or significant other’s motorcycle is considered an Associate member. As an Associate member they are bound to BVR Bylaws.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Crew or Core member to educate/provide a copy of the Bylaws to the Associate member.
  3. All Associate members will uphold the Bylaws. Sponsoring Crew or Core members will be liable for any failure by their Associate member to uphold the Bylaws.
  4. Any Associate member who obtains a motorcycle endorsement and obtains a motorcycle of his or her own will be required to meet the requirements of a Crew member contained in Article II-I before riding with the club.
  5. Associate members will not have direct access to the grievance process (Article X). Any Associate member wishing to instigate the grievance process must do so through a Core member.
  6. Associate membership dues will be set at $0 per year.
  7. Associate members will not have a vote on club business matters.


III-I. - Primary Officers: 


The President must be a Core member and will be elected by a simple majority vote of all current Core members in attendance during the election. Presidential tenure will be for three years, until resignation or when removed by 2/3rds vote of current Core members. If the President is removed, an election will be held in accordance with Article VI and the Vice President will preside. The President will perform the following functions:

  1. Oversee all BVR functions, special programs, promotions and officers.
  2. Set and uphold the organization’s tone, vision, and direction.
  3. Select the appropriate members to fill any vacant officer role.
  4. Convene and officiate over Grievance councils as needed.
  5. Schedule all necessary club meetings that are to be attended by all members.
  6. Gather input and manage the consolidation of ideas for new apparel, including, but not limited to: shirts, hats, patches, and jackets.

Vice President

The Vice President must be a Core member and will be appointed by the President. Vice President tenure is for three years, until resignation, or removal by the President. The Vice President will perform the following functions:

  1. Represent the membership of BVR to BVR’s leadership body.
  2. Perform as the primary contact for Crew and Core members.
  3. Manage the membership process and volunteer coordination for special events along with the Ambassador.
  4. Assist in logistical planning and organization.
  5. Work closely with the President.
  6. Participate in Grievance councils as needed.
  7. Manage the logistical details for rides and events.
  8. Manage all Road Captains.


III-II. - Discretionary Officers:

Road Captain

Road Captains assist BVR by taking a leadership role during BVR rides. They act as a guide and/or resource during group rides. Road Captains are responsible for ensuring that everyone makes it to the destination and back safely. They never leave a man behind. Road Captain tenure is for one year, until resignation, or removal by the Primary Officers.

  1. Road Captain status is granted by appointment by the Primary Officers on an annual basis.
  2. A member who is eligible for consideration of Road Captain status must be a registered Core member and meet the following standards:

    1. Must have been a Core member for at least one year.
    2. Will commit to the Road Captain responsibilities as outlined in the Rules for Group Riding.
    3. Must be a consistent participant in club events as determined by the Primary Officers.
    4. Will have held a motorcycle endorsement and operated his/her own motorcycle with no at fault motorcycle accidents for at least 3 years.
    5. Will have demonstrated responsible motorcycle operation and group leadership to the Primary Officers.


The Ambassador serves as the liaison between BVR and other motorcycle and riding clubs in the Boise area concerning BVR participation in their fund raising activities.  The Ambassador will meet with the Primary Officers before the riding season each year to discuss which community fund raising events BVR will participate in that year.  The Ambassador will then attend the planning meetings of those events and plan out and schedule BVR’s participation. The Ambassador tenure is for one year, until resignation, or removal by the Primary Officers.

  1. Ambassador status is granted by appointment by the Primary Officers on an annual basis.
  2. A member who is eligible for consideration of Ambassador status must be a registered Core member and meet the following standards:
    1. The Ambassador may be asked to perform the duties of a Road Captain. Therefore, the individual must meet the standards stated above for Road Captains.
    2. Will have demonstrated, to the Primary Officers, their willingness to participate in the fund raising efforts of other clubs on their own.


IV-I Membership Violations

Membership violations shall include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Extremely rude, offensive or insulting behavior towards fellow members or others while involved in club activities or wearing club apparel.
  2. The initiation of a physical confrontation while being involved in club activities or wearing club apparel.
  3. Participation in a club ride while impaired.
  4. Desecration of the club brand.
  5. Unsafe riding at club rides/events.
  6. Core members who continually fail to vote or provide their proxy to other Core members on issues pertaining to BVR, as presented to Core members by BVR Primary Officers.

IV-II Sanctions and Termination of Membership

Members who are found in violation of the Bylaws or Terms of Use Policy are subject to sanctions and/or may be expelled from the club. In the case of violations affecting the well-being and/or safety of other club members or the reputation of the club as a whole, members may be barred from any number of club events, such as meetings, club rides or other functions, or their club membership may be terminated permanently. Violators may also be asked to no longer wear BVR apparel.


  1. Meetings may be held at any time at the request of a Core Member. The President will approve the date, time and location. Meetings are opened to all members and family unless otherwise specified. Decision and voting rights are available to Core members and Primary Officers only.
  2. The Primary Officers and Road Captains will meet at least once a year to plan the upcoming ride and event schedule. This Annual Planning meeting will be held prior to the end of March. Primary Officers will meet separately to solidify the schedule.
  3. The Primary Officers will meet at least 3 times per year. Any Primary officer may initiate a meeting.
  4. Road Captains will meet at least once a month from April through October. Road Captains will make every effort to attend these meetings.


  1. The election for President will be held every three years in January beginning in 2020.
  2. The current Primary Officers will select a date, location and time for the election.
  3. Any Core member may nominate any other Core member besides themselves.  A Core member nominated may decline the nomination.
  4. Nominations will be made to and accepted by any Primary Officer between January 1st and January 15th of the election year.
  5. Only Core members in attendance at the election shall vote.
  6. Proxy votes will be requested in writing to the current President.
  7. The election will be decided by a simple majority vote.  If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, a run-off election will be held.
  8. In the event of a tie, the candidates who tied will be allowed to make a brief statement of why he or she should be President and another vote will be taken.


  1. Any funds in the treasury are membership monies. Prudent judgment shall be used in the handling and disbursement of funds.
  2. Treasury responsibilities will be managed by the President.
  3. Large purchases not considered maintenance costs will be voted on by Primary Officers.


  1. All website design, text, photographs, graphics, sound, and other content, and the selection and arrangement thereof, are the property of Boise Valley Riders Inc. or its licensors, and are protected by United States and international copyright law. All rights to such materials are reserved to their respective copyright owners. Any use of materials on this site other than as described in these Terms and Conditions is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to the distribution of the materials, the creation of derivative works, and the use of the materials for any commercial purpose.
  2. BVR’s goal is to promote the free-flowing exchange of expression relating to members interests, activities and hobbies while maintaining a certain level of respect and decency. While BVR makes all reasonable attempts to remove objectionable materials, BVR is not responsible for policing every picture. Any concerns regarding photo content will be addressed to Primary Officers.


  1. All members may make ride suggestions for the upcoming ride schedule. The rides are subject to change by a majority participant vote at any meeting, event, staging location, etc. All sanctioned rides are Road Captain’s choice.
  2. All sanctioned overnight rides are for Core members only.  The Primary Officers may invite Crew members on these rides at their discretion.
  3. Any Core member may call for an unscheduled ride event at their leisure.
  4. All riders will adhere to the Rules for Group Riding. Failure to do so constitutes a gross violation of the bylaws and will result in direct corrective action as deemed necessary by any Primary or Discretionary Officer.
  5. Primary or Discretionary Officers are empowered to remove any member or guest from the group if their riding style and/or behavior, motorcycle and/or equipment constitute a safety hazard.
  6. During a ride, any safety problems are to be brought to the attention of a Primary or Discretionary Officer by any ride participant.
  7. All riding members and guests are required to have a valid motorcycle endorsement and adequate and current insurance.
  8. New riders will be placed at the rear of the group for observation by the Tail-gunner during their first group ride. 

IX-I Guest Invitations to Club Rides

  1. Any member may invite other riders as guests to participate in club events/rides. Guests must show proof of a valid motorcycle endorsement and insurance to a Primary or Discretionary Officer.
  2. The inviting member must introduce invited guests prior to the ride to all members in attendance.
  3. It is the inviting member’s responsibility to provide such guests with proper riding instructions prior to ride participation, in accordance with the Rules for Group Riding.
  4. The inviting member assumes full liability of their sponsored guests. The inviting member also acknowledges their responsibility to educate their guests in the rules herein, specifically the General Liability Disclaimer. Member may request assistance in these guidelines from a Primary or Discretionary Officer.
  5. Inviting members must be aware that guests may not be familiar with the difference in riding style that a group ride requires. In the interest of safety, guests unfamiliar with group riding will be kept at the rear of the group with the inviting member.


  1. Only matters relating to the operation or safety of BVR will be reviewed. Private matters or matters of a personal nature will not be subjected to the grievance process.
  2. The grievance process is a public process. Therefore, any member initiating this process must have no expectation of privacy.
  3. Any Core Member may request a review by BVR for a violation of the Bylaws. This request must be made to a Primary Officer.
  4. This request should contain the names of all involved parties and the specific violation alleged.
  5. When a grievance is received it will be forwarded to the President.
  6. The President will convene all Primary Officers in order to form a council for the review of the grievance. The President may ask any Road Captain(s) or the Ambassador to participate in this process if it is deemed necessary.
  7. If any Primary Officer is directly involved in the grievance he or she will be removed from the council.
  8. The council will contact and interview all involved parties.
  9. The council will meet and discuss all information pertinent to the grievance and agree to an action that will most benefit BVR. A vote will decided this action with a simple majority prevailing.
  10. In the event of a tie the President will have the tie-breaking vote.
  11. All BVR members agree to abide by the decision of the council.


  1. Club Name/Logo will remain the property of the Boise Valley Riders, Inc.
  2. Club Name/Logo may not be copied or altered in any way without permission of the President or appointed representative. Club Name/Logo is protected by copyright rules. Failure to adhere to these rules is punishable by law.
  3. BVR Name, Logos, banners, etc., may not be used without explicit permission from the Boise Valley Riders.
  4. In an effort to show our pride and advertise to those around us who we are, rules 5 through 8 are set forth below. We will in no way dictate what other patches members wear or display.
  5. Boise Valley Riders top rocker. Displaying this patch shows that you choose to ride with and are a crew member with BVR. This patch will be placed center top on the back of the cut, where a traditional top rocker goes.
  6. BVR Skull Core patch. The BVR Skull patch is for Core members only, and will be presented to a member once they have paid their Core dues and been accepted as a Core member. This patch remains the property of BVR. If a member loses or forfeits their Core status, they agree to return the patch to a Primary Officer. The patch should be placed center back of the cut, directly under the top rocker.
  7. BVR We Will Remember patch and names. This patch honors our fallen brothers and sisters and keeps them in our memories, and reminds us that they will always be part of our family. Any member who chooses to wear the BVR Top Rocker will also wear this memorial patch. Any BVR member may honor any or all of those who have gone before us, however it is also acceptable to honor only those you personally knew. This patch should be displayed on the back left of the cut, directly below the armpit area. The names of our fallen brothers and sisters should be directly below this patch.
  8. Officer Patch. If you are an Officer, Road Captain or the Ambassador, this patch will identify you as such and should be displayed in 2 places. On the very bottom and centered on the back of your cut and on the front right breast just below your name/nickname patch. If you are asked to be an Officer, Road Captain or the Ambassador and accept, these patches will be provided to you.
  9. BVR is not attempting to dictate how you display your personality or character on your cut. We are not asking you to limit what you choose to wear or where you place it.
  10. BVR asks that if you choose to be a part of our brotherhood that you display the BVR patches in the above prescribed and uniform manner to show pride and solidarity in our brotherhood.


  1. Any proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to a Primary Officer.
  2. The Amendment will be adopted upon the majority vote of voting Core members.
  3. Unless otherwise specified in the amendment, the amendment shall become effective immediately upon its adoption.
  4. The BVR President has authority to amend the Bylaws as he/she sees fit, if such amendment is for the purpose of clarification of an existing Bylaw or to protect the interests of the membership.


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