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                                                                          Wesley "Mater" Steele

                                                                February 19, 1943 - January 22, 2017      

                                                                     BVR Brother beginning in 2005

                                                                                   In Memory

Wes lived an all-encompassing life: a true Renaissance Man. He was a multifaceted diamond: musician, scientist, veteran, chef, photographer, rifleman, biker, dog lover, movie critic. He was brother, husband, father, uncle, friend, companion. We who had the privilege of being in his circle were the beneficiaries of his wisdom, teachings, experiences, and generosity. He held nothing back from us: not his time, his fellowship, his resources, nor his love. All these things and more he gave to anyone who wanted or needed them. He was simply there for us, always. 

In our hearts, we all keep safe a nickname for Wes, a term of endearment. This name is the one we invoke when we are alone, speaking to him. It is that facet of Wes that is ours and ours alone because it shines on that moment when we bonded with him in his brilliance, in all that he was; and when we speak this name, he is simply there for us. 

Wes was, is and will forever be all-encompassing to each of us. He gifted so many memories and experiences, that no matter where our own life journey takes us, there will come that moment when our breath catches. There will be a flash of brilliance in a song, a turn of phrase, a good wine, a cute dog, a fast motorcycle, a silly movie, a new place, a shooting star. We will smile and sigh: “Ah…there’s my Wesley.”



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