Founded: November 1st 2002 by Preston (SnackDaddy) Parkinson

After being out of Motorcycling for almost 7 years, I decided to buy a new bike and to start enjoying life just a little bit more than I had been. In the winter of 2001, with excitement and eagerness, I took the day off and found my new “release” and promptly bought it. To great disappointment, I waited the next 3 months for it to be shipped in. Long-story-short, I brought my baby home on a freezing February afternoon of 2002. Wow it felt great, finally back in the saddle again and now I was going and riding to get there!

After riding solo for a while there was still something missing. The casual waves to on-coming riding groups made me long for a family, The Brotherhood of Biking. I made the decision to venture out of my comfort zone and be a part of something bigger. Throughout the summer of 2002 I rode hard, jumping from club to club in the valley meeting and riding with some great people. Wearing out my “guest memberships”.

I knew I had to make a decision on a club. I had met a lot of great new riders and had an excellent riding season yet it still didn’t feel right. Things still didn’t seem casual enough to really feel at home. That season I found clubs with dues, commitments, attendance, tardiness penalties, rules on who you can ride with, talk to, membership exclusive, dress requirements, age requirements, sex requirements, religious affiliation, organizational affiliations, manufacture specific, model specific, and even city specific. Shoot man, all I wanted to do was ride when I can and hopefully have someone to BS with along the way.

I could not have been the only person thinking this. It was at this point where I decided to start an online discussion group to find others with my same experiences and vision; to meet and talk with other riders and network some group rides. Hopefully try to get people riding together and sharing the thrill of motorcycling in a manner that was acceptable to all. The “Boise Valley Rider’s Discussion Group” was coined as our name and on November 1st 2002 a yahoo forum was created.

Within 4 hours of the discussion group’s creation, 3 area riders had joined. I knew I couldn’t have been the only one, a direct reflection of what the area was needing. By the end of the first week we had 17 members, whoops what had I done!? This modest group decided to meet each other and plan a future. On February 7th 2003 the discussion group met for the first time. That evening the Boise Valley Rider’s Discussion Group became the Boise Valley Riders : Riding Club with 2 underlying principles: No Dues and No Commitments; a calendar was created and the club website followed shortly thereafter.

And so it began – becoming more widely known in the valley as the BVR. BVR incorporated in 2006 making us The BVR Organization officially however, we’re Boise Valley Riders publicly. Also in in 2006 BVR Affiliated with Snake River Yamaha giving our Riding Organization a home away from home. Since its inception, the Boise Valley Riders has seen a lot of riders and friends come and go – and even come back. Everyday little clubs start all over but never come to fruition. This is where BVR shines. We’ve had hard times as we’ve grown but are now one of the strongest riding organizations here in the Treasure Valley. Our members are our strongest asset and definitely what makes us shine. Because of which we’ll continue to grow and continue to support our community, both local and national benefits.

Preston (SnackDaddy) Parkinson
BVR Founder