BVR Patch Symbolism


The original BVR core patch was designed by Past President Glenn “G” Stumpp to show the club’s commitment to its members, loyalty to our friends and to honor and respect ourselves and all other motorcycle riding clubs. Its symbolism is rich with meaning and should be treated with respect by any member choosing to wear it. Those members choosing to wear it should only do so with an understanding of its meaning and be willing to commit to BVR and its brotherhood.

  • The skull represents those bikers who came before us and honors the traditions of the road
  • The eyes and nose in the skull spell out BVR to remind us to look to our club for brotherhood.
  • The brass knuckles represent strong friendship and were placed within the skull to represent our willingness to defend our club by being strong brothers for all members.
  • The flames arise to surround the patch symbolizing our consuming pride and love for BVR.

The patch was updated in 2023.

BVR Core Patch – Original

BVR Patch – Updated 2023